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The Bistro Bus: A Restaurant on Wheels

The Bistro Bus is our answer to having restaurant-quality food in a time where it’s becoming less and less enticing to go out and dine-in. We’ve spent the last few months customizing our bus to be fully equipped to be more than just a food truck – it’s a restaurant on wheels. If you’re like the rest of us, lunch or dinner usually comes down to which of the fast food drive-thru choices sounds the most appetizing – we have good news – now you can add Bistro Nota’s quality, scratch-made entrees to that list and you don’t even have to drive outside of your neighborhood. With our online ordering system, not only can you pick out all of your favorites from our ever-expanding menu, but you can also schedule it for your drive home from work, or during your lunch break while you work from home – whatever time lunch or dinner is to you, we’ll text or call you when your meal is hot & ready. 

The Bistro Bus has it all – a fully operational handwashing sink for our employees to utilize after every order, the quietest generator on the market, heater & air conditioner to keep us comfortable while we make your delicious meals, outdoor shelving for contactless pick-up, bright & friendly lights for those darker winter nights, and on-board Wi-Fi with phone capabilities, so we can text you, call you, or contact you in just about every way to let you know when your food is going to be at its best. 

If you’d like the Bus to visit your neighborhood or business, feel free to fill out the contact form below, or speak with your HOA and have them send us a message on Facebook, or at