Nota Club

One of our biggest sellers.

The nota club is shaved honey roasted chicken, cherrywood bacon, tomato, iceburg lettuce, mayonnaise, guyère cheese, dijon vinaigrette. 

We make all our breads in house and the nota club has all its goodness sandwiched between to pieces of our toast pullman loaf.


To all our friends.

We have decided with all of the information at hand, that it is best for us to take a temporary break and “pause for the cause” as everyone’s well being is first and foremost for us.

Make sure to check back frequently, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.  We may do some specials like pre-ordered @home meals on certain days, or whatever else we might be able to do to help out.  We will also post updates, things of interest, and anything else that might bring some joy!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you all again when our officials give everyone the all clear.

Everyone be safe!   

Cam Kaminski & Jake Koczergo

Bistro Nota

We have joined “Fund the Fort”, with others in our industry, to help out our employees.