Bistro Bus Business Lunches

Carry-In style lunches available right outside your door

Booking the Bistro Bus for your business lunch (or party)

Order in advance

Catering with the Bistro Bus is made easy by filling out one of our ordering forms - schedule ahead of time so employee meals are hot & ready when you need them - and they're fully labeled!

No extra charge for 20+ orders

If you have 20+ people in your catering party, we'll waive our transportation & rental fees and show up right outside your business ready to serve right out of our bus!

Hot & Fresh Food

Everything on the Bistro Bus catering menu is made to order directly on the bus - no reheating required, everything is fresh and hot exactly when you want it

Getting Started:

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Call us @ 260-488-6682 for any questions regarding dietary restrictions, logistics, or scheduling

The Menu:

Creole Taters - $3.50

-A Midwestern favorite with a creole twist -- Our Creole taters are fried red potato wedges tossed in some special seasonings and topped with our popular house buttermilk dressing and grated parmesan

Le Deluxe - $7.00

"Do you know what they call a 1/4 pounder in france?" Well ours is a little different, but its still a deluxe experience --- Boneless braised beef short rib served on our Creole Taters with grated parmesan and covered in demi-glace

The Frenchman - $12.25

If we invented it any sooner, it would have caused a revolution. --- The Frenchman is our braised boneless short rib with roasted red peppers, melted gruyere & provolone, drenched in demi-glace, and topped with our creamy dijon sauce

The Bistro Bleu - $11.00

We could talk about how good it is until we're bleu in the face, but here goes:-----> The Bistro Bleu starts with our in-house artisan bread, then spicy honey, fried chicken breast, melted gruyere, thinly sliced ham, more melted gruyere, another fried chicken breast, lettuce, dijon sauce, tomato, and another slice of wonderful bread with spicy honey. It's a world champ, and we had a tough time not just calling it the Bleu Ribbon Sandwich.

The Joan of Arc - $10.50

A classy, strong-willed sandwich worthy of the French legend herself. ----------------- The Joan of Arc is sauteed brussels sprouts, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted poblano peppers, with toasted almond pesto, roasted tomato sauce, and finally - melted provolone - which can be left off for a fully vegan sandwich!

Pretzels Petite - $3.50

Ma petite pret-zel --- Wonderful, little chewy pretzel balls baked up fresh from our kitchen at Bistro Nota, tossed in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with caramel sauce & icing. A perfect aperitif, or le digestif after one of our lovely sandwiches

Big Chocolate Chunk Cookie - $4.25

Loaded with chocolate chunks and flaked with Maldon sea salt --- It speaks for itself, and despite its size, we won't blame you if you don't share with others