About Bistro Nota

Bistro Nota is a locally minded restaurant located at 620 South Calhoun Street in Downtown Fort Wayne. We serve a largely French Americana style cuisine in a casual, walk-up lunch setting. Currently we offer a variety of soups, salads, & sandwiches on fresh in-house bread with a rotating list of entrees made in a scratch kitchen.
Also available is our line of Nota@Home meals – which are fully prepped dishes ready to be heated up and enjoyed wherever, whether you’re at the office, or just picking up a quick lunch/dinner for later. 
Bistro Nota was started in early 2019 by Cam Kaminski and Jacob Koczergo – two chefs who after spending a long circuit working at various Fort Wayne locales, decided to start their own take on Midwestern cuisine with French cooking techniques. Just as the Latin word “Nota” means “familiar”, Bistro Nota’s menu selection is meant to elicit a familiar, homemade feeling with fresh, clean, and uncomplicated food that you can enjoy both in our company, as well as in your own home.